Cream Cheese Coffee Cake


Hi! I love coffee cake. I love crumb toppings. I love cream cheese fillings! This cake has all of these things. Don’t make it if you’re not feeding an army though, because it’s huge. I took the cake part from this recipe, and the crumb topping from my all time favorite coffee cake, recipe hereContinue reading


Cinnamon Muffins


Baby P is a great helper in the kitchen. He stands on a stool and helps press down on the Aeropress to make my coffee, stirs in the sugar and milk for me, and lets me know that the food in the toaster is “HOT!”. He’s cool. The other day he wasn’t in a hurry to eat breakfast (sometimes he’s signing ‘eat’ as soon as I go into his room), so we made some muffins. I measured everything and he dumped the ingredients into the bowl and ‘helped’ stir.They came out pretty tasty!  Continue reading

Bacon cheddar scones

DSC_0203.JPGWhen we were in Vinalhaven last month,  was super excited to learn that the coffee shop on the island was 100% gluten free! We went most mornings to get muffins and scones and breakfast sandwiches on their home made biscuits. It was such an awesome thing, to be able to go and get gluten free breakfast every day if I felt like it. If you’re ever in Vinalhaven, definitely go to the (R)Cafe. I can’t wait to go back! Continue reading