Have you tried the gluten free products at Aldi?

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I forget about Aldi a lot. Have you been? It’s a very different model of grocery store than we’re used to. You pay a quarter to rent a cart (which you get back when you return it), you have to bring your own bags, everything is merchandised in pallet drops (like Costco) and almost everything is Aldi brand (like Trader Joe’s). Their prices are insanely cheap, and they have their own gluten free line, Live G Free. Baby P and I ran in today to grab something for lunch and came out with these sandwich pockets. They were $2.69!!

DSC_0007 (1)

I microwaved them one at a time (we tried both kinds for lunch), 2 minutes each. I popped them in the toaster to crisp up the outside, then let them sit until the cheese in the middle stopped being molten lava.

DSC_0003 (1)

They were tasty! Definitely not a healthy lunch, but a good quick snack. I’ve seen gluten free pocket sandwiches before but not for nearly as cheap, and these were tasty. The crust was a little thicker than I thought it needed to be, but it tasted good. The meat and cheese were processed crappy meat and cheese but that was what I was expecting, and they were tasty. Next time I will try the veggie ones! What do you like from the Aldi Live G Free line?

One thought on “Have you tried the gluten free products at Aldi?

  1. If I remember correctly what I read a while back, there are two brothers who essentially control the grocery market in Germany, one in the North and one in the South. One brother owns Trader Joes, and the other Aldi. (The name is a combo of the names of the brothers Al…… and Di…….)

    I used to be a real Label Snob, but have been shopping more and more often at Aldi. They have a large variety of GF products, which my local store has finally begun shelving in a dedicated GF area, and I’ve been pleased with the quality and yes WOW, the prices.

    They also carry a lot of Organic produce at prices less than non-O at nearby grocery depts. Also decent wine, and European chocolate for less than Hershey bars.


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