Seventeen Months


I had grand ambitions to update this often, then I didn’t. But let’s try harder.

Little P is 17 months old now.

He is a very stompy walker.

He has 13 teeth, loves to make animal sounds, watch Sesame Street (which he calls cuh cuh), and anything with wheels. He loves putting crayons in bottles. He loves water, or any liquid.


He is a slightly picky eater. He’ll eat anything in the form of a bar (favorites are Kind Bars), smoothie, or sandwich. He won’t let us feed him anything from a spoon or fork, but will eat baby bird style occasionally. He will eat french fries, or anything smeared on toast or a frozen waffle (bananas or peanut butter and hemp or chia seeds, usually), and he loves muffins. He loves milk, water, and is starting to drink watered down juice. He wants to drink from a non-sippy cup but he really likes to put things into cups (crayons).


He’s a dream. He sleeps all night, naps once or twice a day, and is so friendly.

We went to the beach for the first time to swim this week, and he hated the sand and the ocean. He loved the seagulls, which he bok bok-d at, because he makes chicken noises for all birds.


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