Cinnamon Muffins


Baby P is a great helper in the kitchen. He stands on a stool and helps press down on the Aeropress to make my coffee, stirs in the sugar and milk for me, and lets me know that the food in the toaster is “HOT!”. He’s cool. The other day he wasn’t in a hurry to eat breakfast (sometimes he’s signing ‘eat’ as soon as I go into his room), so we made some muffins. I measured everything and he dumped the ingredients into the bowl and ‘helped’ stir.They came out pretty tasty!  Continue reading

Jam Bars!


Because it’s summer and I can’t stop using the oven, here is a delicious recipe you can make using jam. Or fresh fruit, since it’s summer and all. If you use fresh fruit, chop it up, toss in a few tablespoons of cornstarch and a few tablespoons of sugar, then spread over the crust like you would with jam. I used jam here, but added in a handful of cherries I had in the fridge that a certain kid refused to eat. I tossed them in cornstarch and sugar and almond extract and mixed them in with the jam. Continue reading

Garlic Scape and Kale Pesto


It’s June, which means garlic scapes! Scapes are the shoots that garlic plants send up to flower. By cutting these off, the energy of the plant is redirected to growing the bulb, and you get a better head of garlic. Scapes are tasty, and I’ve been chopping them up and adding them to veggies. Today I used the rest to make pesto, with basil and kale, since I have a bunch of both.

Next time I may leave out the basil, since it’s overpowered by the strong garlicky scapes.


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